Family Care

As part of our services, our Family Care Director contacts individuals and families shortly after arrangements have been made to deliver a Family Care Package.

This service is provided without charge. It is designed to help survivors resolve some of the practical matters encountered after a death, as there are many overwhelming decisions to be made in the following months.

Our Family Care Director will be available to assist families with these decisions, some of which are listed below:

For the Survivor:
• Application for Survivor Benefits
• Delivery of our 40 page Humphrey Assistance Guide

The Estate (assistance with):
• Application for Canada Pension Lump-Sum Death Benefits
• Application for Life Insurance Benefits
• Updating Beneficiaries on Existing Life Insurance Policies
• Cancellation of Health Insurance
• Cancellations as needed for Identity Theft Prevention
The Future:
• Survivor Plan
• Our complimentary Information Card 

If you would like further information about our Family Care please contact our
Family Care Director at 416-485-6333 or by  Direct Email.