Getting Started- Funeral Arrangements for Toronto

Making Sense of Funerals

As one of the most important ceremonies of life, funerals are recognized and practiced by all religions and cultures. Some people think funerals are only for the deceased, but they are also an important ceremony for the living.

Through the rite of passage, a number of emotional needs are met for the family and friends who are left behind. A well-planned ceremony plays an important role in the healing process and becomes the bridge between the past and the future.

There are over 30 distinct religions in Canada that are served by more than 80 recognized forms of worship, but every religion has one thing in common: the ceremony celebrating the passing of life, which is commonly called a funeral.

Each religion has its own set of rites and beliefs, which are a cherished part of the worship mosaic. We at Humphrey-Miles-Newbigging take great pride in our ability, which as come though decades of experience, to tailor our services and facilities to meet the requirements of religious preferences. For the increasing number of Canadians without religious affiliation, we provide personalized funerals that can be individually designed to meet any budget or preference.

Over the years, it has been our honour to arrange numerous military funerals with Royal protocol. Many fraternal organizations, from the Free Masons to the Knights of Columbus, place great confidence in Humphrey - Miles-Newbigging’s ability to meet historic passing rite traditions.

Each funeral is unique; most funerals, whether they be a simple burial or cremation, or very traditional and detailed, are customized to reflect the life of the deceased, and forever hold a special meaning for family and friends.

Choosing the Most Appropriate Funeral

There are many considerations and decisions necessary to ensure that the funeral chosen meets all the client families’ needs and wishes. A full-service funeral director, or a preplanning counselor, can greatly ease the stress of arranging a funeral.

Without pressure, the individual will take you step-by-step through the list of available services provided. With your wishes in mind, a ceremony will be designed to suit your requirements and budget.

You may also refer to an online resource centre at for funeral planning, grief and bereavement and end of life issues.